Hello. Thanks for dropping by my website, SpencerGbooks. As the title indicates, I'm Spencer Gantt and this site is about the books I've written and those I will write. So far I've written about Lincoln's War, slavery and a "touch" of politics. Difficult topics to expect "Jane & Joe Citizen" to read about, right? 

There is far more to these subjects than we are taught in the federal government schools which I feel are severely and hatefully biased against the South and her people. Most folks can't stand to read history, and practically everyone despises politics and politicians even though they will vote for the same sorry bastards each and every election. 

I base my writings on written historical fact with little of my own personal opinion added.  In the future I will cover other topics such as wars begun by the "united State", how the South actually came to be, and certain individuals and symbols of American history. Please take a look at my BOOKS section for titles currently available. 

Have a great day, and a great life. 

Deo Vindice. 



South Carolina ... my state, my home
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